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About us

Ayala Pinkweiss founded Coachvision in 2005.

Ayala is a Senior Organizational Consultant; Supervisor Coach & Master N.L.P.
I have successful experience with many organizations helping them to cope with their HR challenges providing them specific solutions in order to help them retain, acquire and develop their Human Resources.

Ayala has rich experience in leading and implementing organizational development processes including coaching, talent development, appraisals, acquisition, trainings & workshops as well as formulation of HR policy and its implementation in organizational units. Over10,000 accumulative hours of Organizational & Personal Consultations accompanied by workshops in various HR Spectrum practices.
Throughout years of learnings, experiencing & understanding of Human & Business Structures (both in Israeli & International arenas), Ayala has developed the Holistic Working Model called S.S.P©Scientific Spiritual Productivity for Growth.
I have also developed 3 Organizational models and assessments: 

GHCA© – "מדד הון אנושי" General Human Capital assessment.
GOHA© –"מדד אושר ארגוני" – General Organizational Happiness assessment.
TLA© – "מדד מנהיגות מעצבת" – Transformational Leadership assessment.

Throughout years of various HR services We at Coachvision have been:
√ Trusted advisors to managers and employees.
√ Coaching, supporting and upgrading managerial skills and creating team/company identity by initiating human resource processes in the teams.
√ Supporting leaders in highly sensitive and complex employee relations matters, including performance management, appraisals and people issues.
√ Managing and handling talent acquisition processes, within the fields of technology, Human Resources and Management.
√ Provide support to the company in all HR issues.

What enables me to do so are my rich experience (in HR & in worldwide business arena), my eagerness to explore and be updated with all HR innovative methods such as Brain Research applications called Neuroleadesrship.  All of these together with Strong consulting, coaching, and facilitation skills my excellent communication skills will help your staff reach their goals.


Certified Senior Coach & Supervisor – The Israeli Coaching Association.
Certified consultant for SMB (100M shekels corporates)- Ministry of Economy.
Approved for the "Bank of Israel"- managerial coaching program.
Fire Walking Seminar @ Tonny Robbins NLP program – Unleash the Power.
Worldwide Coaching Supervisor for "NEWS" method.

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